* Age limit: Age limit is 5. Customers of age 14 and under must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18. Please note that each customer needs to have a ticket.

* Bar Areas: There are bars at the site for people of age 18 years and older. Please be prepared to show your official ID (passport, driver´s license or identity card issued by the police) when entering the bar. Due to alcohol laws, bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the site is forbidden.

* Cameras & Recording equipment: You may bring your mobile telephone or compact camera with you to the concert venue. SLRs, professional camera equipment and cameras with removable features are prohibited. Video recording equipment, audio recording equipment, computers, tablets and selfoie sticks are also prohibited.

* Cloakroom: There will be a place to hold your belongings for a fee next to the gates. More information about the cloakroom is coming.

* Drinking water: You may bring with you sealed (unopened) soft, alcohol-free plastic bottles and drinks cartons, sized 0.5 litres or smaller. Within the site there is water posts where you are able to refill your plastic bottle. You can also purchase water within the area.

* Earplugs: We recommend that you use earplugs to protect your hearing. Earplugs are being sold at the site.

* First Aid: For minor injuries there is a First Aid service point in the event area. Please contact First Aid personnel or security guards if you need help or see someone in need of help.

* Flags and banners: Flags and banners are permitted but are not to be raised at the front of the stage or if they block the view for other people. If you are asked to lower your flag, please do so. Flag poles can be confiscated by security if deemed unsafe.

* Food & drinks: There´s food stalls within the concert site where you may purchase variety of different foods. You are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of picnic food for your own consumption with you. To bring glass bottles, cans and jars to the area is forbidden for security reasons. You may bring with you sealed (unopened) soft, alcohol-free plastic bottles and drinks cartons, sized 0.5 litres or smaller.

* Lost & found: There will be a lost & found point inside the concert area.

* Payment methods: Card payment is possible in most sales points and bars, but in case of technical problems and to speed up the service we recommend you take cash with you. In addition to cash, accepted payment methods are most common debit and credit cards, as well as Visa Electron. Unfortunately Amex or Diners can´t be used for payments.

* Posters, flyers and merchandise: The distribution of posters and flyers as well as sales activities of any kind are subject to prior approval from the festival organizer.

* Queuing: Queuing is allowed on the date of the event from 9 am onwards. People queuing before that will be asked to move from the entrance.

* Recycling: Please help us to keep the site clean by using bins that can be found around the area.

* Security & forbidden items:

You can find security staff all over the concert area and in its’ immediate surroundings. Security staff wear yellow or orange wests.

It is strictly forbidden to bring professional cameras, video and tape recorders, computers, tablets, camping furniture, selfie sticks, umbrellas, barbeque grills, pets, cans, jars, alcoholic beverages, laser pointers, weapons, fireworks and other hazardous materials or equipment into the event area and its immediate vicinity. An exception for forbidden furniture are small folding chairs, which are allowed for an obvious need, such as the last trimester of pregnancy or a broken leg. There is a cloakroom with surcharge where you can leave your belongings for storage.

You may bring with you sealed (unopened) soft, alcohol-free plastic bottles and drinks cartons, sized 0.5 litres or smaller.

Drugs are illegal and of course prohibited at the festival and we cooperate with the police to prevent drug use.
No fires are permitted in the site

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